Dragon Li, Chinese Cat Breed

The Dragon Li, also called Li Hua Mau, or Li Hua Mao, or simply Li Mao is a Chinese Cat breed originating from nascent Chinese folklore and dynastic culture.

The Dragon Li displays a unique golden brown, broken mackerel tabby pattern, distinctive ear tipping, large round almond shaped luminescent yellow/green eyes, and a strong full bodied stature reminiscent of its wild nature. The Dragon Li is valued for its unmistakable intelligence, an uncanny cognizance in relation to its surroundings, and its ability to interact perspicuously with humans.

The eponymous Dragon Li is thought to be a natural self-domesticating cat breed by way of the wild cat subspecies, Chinese mountain cat (Felis silvestris bieti). The Chinese character interpretation is based on a legendary description rather than a fully accurate contemporary portrayal of the Dragon Li, and as a result, the breed has been confused with that of the wild fox by the Chinese.

Although Li Hua Mao is the more prevalent name for the cat breed in China, more recently, the name Dragon Li has been utilized internationally to reflect the symbolic nature of China relevant to the mythical Chinese dragon.

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