German Rex

German Rex is a cat breeds of domestic cat. They are a medium sized cat, breed with slender legs of a medium length. The head is round with well developed cheeks and large, open, ears. The eyes are of medium size in colors related to the coat color. The coat is silky and short, with a tendency to curl. The whiskers also curl, though less strongly than in the Cornish Rex and they may be nearly straight. All colors of coat, including white, are allowed. The body development is heavier than the Cornish Rex - more like the European Shorthairs. A German Rex cat is very friendly and quickly makes contact with its owner. It is lively, playful and intelligent. It is the master of all acrobatic tricks, which it repeats again and again with huge enjoyment. Its temperament is much the same as a Cornish Rex.

German Rex breeding was in the doldrums in the mid-70's, but there is now a group of keen breeders in Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark and Holland that are re-establishing the breed.

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